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Human Experience Design, Products, Services, & Businesses Designed and Delivered

Design Leadership: Enthusiasm, knowledge, vision, and respect

  • collaborator
  • facilitator
  • designer
  • communicator
  • cultivator

Design Operations: Exceeding customer expectations at speed

  • optimizing frictionless customer experiences
  • enhancing team excellence
  • scaling design operations
  • optimizing processes
  • nudging organizational change
  • growing and aligning people
  • accelerating technology enabled activities

Human Experience Design: Design Execution

  • human experience design leader
  • player coach
  • practitioner
  • thought leader
  • designer
  • champion and cultivator of culture
  • simplifier of gnarly problems
  • product partner
  • cross functional leader and manager
  • focused on getting priorities done with quality and speed

Know Your Customer

Michael coaches and helps organizations observe users, empathize, and encapsulate user knowledge so that teams can create optimal solutions.

Design the Right Thing

Mentor innovative people to challenge constraints, explore solutions, sketch, prototype, and test to learn.

Develop the Thing Right.

Working collaboratively throughout your organization, the human centered design will drive your organization to the best solution the first time.

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